Saving Some Green While Making It Green
If only your lawn could talk, you'd know exactly what it needs. If you’ve been having sub par results, give our lawn care specialist a call. SOLOW SERVICES can customize a lawn care plan that continues to keep your slice of paradise looking great by developing a plan to enrich the beauty that you never knew was there. If needed, a soil analysis can be done to specifically cater to what your lawn really needs to grow and yield it’s fullest potential. A licensed service provider of lawn fertilizer, herbicide & insecticide applications, Solow Services also utilizes beneficial microbiology and cultural treatments. Give Solow Services a call to assess your lawn care needs.

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A word about PH and your lawn...

PH is the measure of a soil's acidity or alkalinity. If it is too low, it is acidic. If it is too high, it is alkaline. Turfgrass in our area favors a slightly acidic PH. When the level of PH is too high, nutrients become harder to process. Drought and heat tolorance, color, and resistance to traffic are all affected. A good soil analysis can let you know problems at hand and down the road.