If only your lawn could talk, you'd know exactly what it needs. Solow Services LLC offers turf care with agronomic options in chemical, cultural and biological treatments. Utilizing the latest satellite measuring software for turf area estimates and application equipment speed, we offer state of the art complete residential and commercial turf fertilizer and herbicide programs. In addition to turf applications, we also offer perimeter pest and mosquito control, core plug aerations, liquid beneficial microbe dethatching and soil enhancement as well as slit seeding. Owner operated, licensed and insured, we are currently routing services in most of the Fort Wayne area. Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to be the best. Give Solow Services LLC a call to assess your lawn care needs and find out why “the more you know, it’s better to go Solow”.

Turf Application

Our lawn care services are customized to your terrain to help make your lawn look it’s very best. We start with a free estimate for a season of applications. Once approved by you, our trained and certified applicator will treat your turf using the right products in a “best practice” method. It is our goal to combine fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides (when needed) to help reduce the number of trips to your property. This helps keep the cost of the season plan down while allowing Solow Services LLC to use a higher grade of product at competitive pricing. We take the time to blow all granular applications off the drive and walks, back into the turf where the application belongs. We also take the time to walk your property with liquid stabilized fertilizers and multiple mode of action herbicide blends. Take the first step to a healthy and beautiful lawn today! We respect your privacy: email addresses are only used for the purpose of business communication between our clients and client specific related information.

Schedule a free estimate by placing your complete address in your email (click button below) or call 260-413-0523.

Turf Application yard


Protect your family and pets by reducing the risks associated with flea, tick, mosquito and other vector carrying insect infestations. Solow Service LLC technicians are State certified to treat your property with safe, fast-acting treatments to give you a maximum protected coverage period.

  • Perimeter Pest Control - Exterior Foundation Only
  • Mosquito Control


Treating lawns that focus on sustainability is gaining popularity. This practice uses only all-natural non-pathogenic, live beneficial microbe cultures. While this program is not for everyone, Solow Services LLC can implement a full or partial sustainable program for your yard to address your environmental concerns.

  • Core Plug Aerations*
  • Live Microbial Liquid Lawn Dethatch*
  • Tine Dethatch
  • Slit Seeding / Overseeding

*Ask about a discount for current fertilizer clients.

sustainable lawn

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