Mower Blade Sharpening

Check your mower blade several times during each mowing season. An unbalanced or improperly sharpened blade can lead to excessive wear on your lawn mower engine. It also leads to turf stress and disease. The symptoms of a dull blade are shredded or tattered blades of grass that turn brown from the tip down. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Solow Services will sharpen your blade with a consistent 30 degree angle along the cutting edge. Your blade will be inspected for warping and fractures while we balance and clean your blade. It will be returned to you in a box specifically designed for mower blades.

  • Blade must be supplied off the mower
  • $10 per blade
  • Returned blade will be cleaned, sharpened, balanced, painted and boxed
  • Multiple blade mowers are priced by the blade and may be boxed together
  • Delivery and pickup only for Chandler's Landing residents

Schedule your lawnmower blade drop off for sharpening. You'll get an email when it can be picked up.