Mosquito Control

Perimeter Pest Control

Water based insecticide is applied at the maximum labeled rate for treatment of structure perimeters, foundations and soil/turf up to three feet from the base of the foundation. This product is for, but not limited to: Ants, Imported Fire Ants, Aphids, Armyworms, Crane Flies, Cutworms, Sod Webworm, Bagworms, Annual Bluegrass Weevil, Banks Grass Mite, Billbugs, Adult Black Turfgrass Ataenius, Centipedes, Chinch Bugs, Crickets, Earwigs, Adult Fleas, Grasshoppers, Japanese Beetle, Leafhoppers, Leafminers, Mealybugs, Millipedes, Mites, Mole Cricket, Mosquito, Pillbugs, Sowbugs, Spiders, Spider Mites, Stink Bugs, Ticks, Wasps.

  • Creates an outside barrier from the ground up to your dwelling
  • Efficacy of this type of application depends on the ability of the active ingredient to remain on the exterior surface in enough concentration to ward off potential insect traffic
  • Does not protect against pre-existing interior insects (interior pest management)

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Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Mosquitos do not like the hot sun. They thrive in cool, damp places. They typically live and stay in your trees, bushes, and open protected structures until evening when it is cooler. Some mosquitos stay close to the wet environment where they begin as eggs, while other varieties of mosquitos can travel several miles during their life span. To effectively treat your property, a water based insecticide is applied to likely resting areas. This treatment also eliminates ticks, fleas, ants and other pesky insects on contact. Treatments can last up to several weeks depending on environmental conditions. If you have a special event such as an outdoor wedding, party or cookout, your guests will be glad you called.

  • Outdoor events
  • Lake properties
  • Problem areas

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